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Give It Up For Me

from Hero Falls: Origins by Dan Amrich

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January 1993: With great power comes great narcissism.


It started back in junior high when I became so strong (rawr)
And soon I found that I could fly, it didn't take that long (zoom)
The super speed, the laser eyes, the list goes on and on (and on!)
I even think my superpowers helped me write this song (rhyme!)

Sometimes I'll go out looking for some trouble just for fun (let's go)
I always get the giggles when the punks bring out their guns (pew pew)
I'll gather up their weapons and I'll hurl them at the sun (hot!)
My name's the Silver Savior and I'm loved by everyone

I know when you're danger and I leap into the sky (zoom!)
I land precisely at the crime and poke 'em in the eye (boink!)
And once I hit a guy so hard I kinda made him die (oops)
You think that you can hurt me well just go ahead and try (or don't)

I never miss a photo op with kids from Make a Wish (aww)
I shill for Taco Bell because endorsements make me rich (ka-ching)
And just last week I realized that I can talk to fish (sup fish!)
I'm really not omnipotent, let's say omnipotish

Just look at him and see
This isn't just hyperbole
And I give autographs for free

Let's give it up for me
Did you see me on TV
There's nothing toxic about my masculinity
Let's give it up for me

Do I get bored of hero stuff? It kinda all depends (on what?)
A criminal's predictable, they never comprehend (so dumb)
They steal themselves some money and they buy themselves some friends (for now)
And then I toss them back in jail, it's always how this ends (uh huh)

Now some have called me Christ-like, but that's just idle talk (oh yeah?)
Worshippers? Well I don't know, I see them as a flock (like sheep!)
The people want protection from a symbol worth its stock (word)
I laugh when facing danger, yeah I just don't give a (hey! hey!)

Can you believe the editor who says I'm outta line? (wrong)
He calls me sacrilegious, he tells me to resign (as if)
He yells at me, his papers sell, that seems to work out fine (uh huh)
But let's be real, I’m close as you can get to the divine (amen!)

I know I’m not a god, though I look like one to you (you do)
I accept that I’m exceptional and everyone does too (of course)
You never have to worry, I'm devoted through and through (oh good)
Good thing I'm not a villain, just imagine what I'd do

He's our local deity
with invincibility
I mean, who's gonna disagree?

So let's GIVE it up for ME
How much better could I be
Sometimes I feel like a one-man trinity
Let's give it up for me

So let's give it up for me
you're in my reality
It's hard to handle so much humility
Let's give it up for me
Me me me me me!


from Hero Falls: Origins, track released January 13, 2020
Backing vocals:
Katrin Auch
Susan Esther Barnes
Stephanie Dowling
Jude Kelley
Nat Loh
Kimzey McGrath
Tim Porter
Sean Redman
Blythe Renay
David W. Ryan
Deirdre Martin Ryan
Erik Smith
Hannah Wolf

Everything else:
Dan Amrich




Dan Amrich Fairfield, California

A survivor of musical theater and private opera training from a young age, Dan Amrich taught himself guitar in high school and played in cover bands for several years. Due to an overwhelming lack of confidence, Hero Falls represents his long-delayed debut as a songwriter.

With Jude Kelley, Dan is other half of the parody duo Palette-Swap Ninja.
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